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GOP says governor's speech sounds Republican

January 17, 1996
By: Candyce L. Clifft
State Capital Bureau

Following the governor's state of the state address, GOP leaders said Carnahan sounded quite Republican. Candyce Clifft reports from Jefferson City...

OutCue: SOC

Senate Republican leader Franc Flotron says the governor's proposed programs for sexual predators and safe schools were actually Republican ideas. He also says the majority of the governor's speech was about spending more money. On the recently announced tax cut, Flotron says Canrnahan is only giving it lip service...

OutCue: a tax shift.
Contents: [39K WAV file - The reality is, it is not a tax cut--it is a tax shift.]

Flotron says people should beware of a Democrat governor trying to sound Republican. From the statehouse, I'm Candyce Clifft.

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