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Hancock Declines Candidacy

March 26, 1996
By: Brian Higgins
State Capital Bureau

Mel Hancock, Missouri's U.S. Congressman from Springfield, threw a curve ball at his news conference in the state capitol. Brian Higgins has the story from the Capitol.

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Springfield Congressman Mel Hancock ended speculation that he would run for state office in November.

He's dicided he will not run for office in 1996.

Hancock says he never intended to hold public office in the first place, and that he now wants to return to private life:

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While Hancock did say he was declining to run for Governor, his focus was on attacking Governor Carnahan's support for Amendment 4 on next Tuesday's ballot.

Amendment 4 would require a statewide vote to approve all tax increases over fifty million dollars.

But Hancock says that if Amendment 4 passes, it will be fraud because the state will be allowed to raise taxes by fifty million dollars per year without voter approval.

From the Capitol, I'm Brian Higgins.

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