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Leake Out, But Still Running

January 9, 1996
By: Adrienne Baughman
State Capital Bureau

Representative Sam Leake has stepped aside as the leading Democratic nominee in the race for Missouri's House Speaker. That leaves the race for the most powerful post in the Missouri General Assembly wide open. Adrienne Boff-Man has the story from Jefferson City.

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The North east Missouri representative insists it's not about ego--instead, Sam Leake, the once-leading House Speaker candidate says he's stepping aside for higher ideals.

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Contents: [120K WAV file - The Democratic speaker nominee says he's at a standstill getting votes for his candidacy.]

Although not the official Caucus nominee, Leake still in the running along with three of his Democratic colleagues to regain the Democratic nomination.

They're all hoping to get the votes together necessary to take the lead within the Democratic Caucus.

The Caucus is set to meet again this morning.

From the State Capitol, I'm Adrienne Baughman.

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