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New Moms Bill Debated

January 10, 1996
By: Candyce L. Clifft
State Capital Bureau

State lawmakers are debating whether to regulate insurance coverage for new mothers and children. Candyce Clifft has that story from Jefferson City...
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At the heart of the debate is the amount of time a new mother spends in the hospital. St. Charles Senator Ted House is sponsoring a bill to require insurance coverage for at least 48 hours after delivery. But, Franklin County Senator David Klarich says this bill means higher insurance costs for everyone...

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OutCue: irrespective of need.
Contents: [35K WAV file - Sen Klarich say the bill mandates 48-hour coverage irrespecitve of need.]

Representatives from University Hospital and the state Medical Association say the 48-hour stay is standard and necessary. From the state capitol, I'm Candyce Clifft.

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