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Blacks Oppose Leake

January 9, 1996
By: Phill Brooks
State Capital Bureau

A major break has developed this afternoon in the Democratic leadership gridlock that's blocked action in Missouri's House. Phill Brooks has the story from Jefferson City:

The Democratic nominee for speaker -- northeast Missouri represenative Sam Leake has dropped out of the race.

Actually, Leake had no choice but to give up -- after Black Caucus Chair Paula Carter made it clear that there was no way the rural, conservative Democrat would get the votes of the Black Caucus:

Actuality: Carter03
Contents: [89K WAV file - The Black Caucus chair says Leake's rural district makes it impossible for him to support urban issues.]

Without the votes of the Black Caucus, Leake could not win election as House Speaker.

Now Democrats are meeting behind a closed door caucus to find another candidate for what has been termed the second most powerful position in state government.


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