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Democrats Back to Square One

January 9, 1996
By: Phill Brooks
State Capital Bureau

Missouri House Democrats are back to square one in their search for a speaker. Phill Brooks has the story from Jefferson City:

With the Black Caucus withholding support from the Democratic party's original choice, the Democrats decided to reopen the campaign for the Democratic nomination for House Speaker.

There are now four Democrats searching for votes...including the original nominee Sam Leake.

Without agreement on a Democratic nominee, the fourth day of this year's session in the House ended just like the rest -- with the Democratic floor leader moving to adjourn for the day and the House speaker declaring the motion passed...despite shouts of protests from the Republicans:

Actuality: HOUSE01
Contents: [136K WAV file - House gaveled to adjournment despite GOP shouts of protest.]

And so, the House adjourned with another day of inaction. Bills continue to pile up awaiting assignment to committees by whomever ends up getting the job as speaker.


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