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Good and Bad News for Speeders

January 9, 1996
By: Karen Fogg
State Capital Bureau

A bill on the Senate table has good news and bad news for those who like to drive fast. Karen Fogg reports from Jefferson City:

If you like to drive 70 on the Interstates, you'd be able to in March if the bill passes.

But if you're in the habit of breaking the speed limit--you might want to slow down a bit because you'll also be assigned points for every speeding violation.

Missouri Highway Superintendent Chief Fred Mills says it should keep speeders in check:

Actuality: Mills
RunTime: 15
OutCue: ...great deterrent.
Contents: [163K WAV file - The Highway Patrol superintendent says they need stronger penalties for speeding.]

The bill is scheduled for a vote Wednesday morning.

From Jefferson City, I'm Karen Fogg.

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