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Carnahan Seeks Sales Tax Cut

January 16, 1996
By: Karen Fogg
State Capital Bureau

Governor Carnahan's call for a quarter cent sales tax cut got mixed reviews from State Senators. Karen Fogg has the story from the State Capitol.

Senate President Pro Tem Jim Mathewson says the sales tax rollback will allow all Missourians to quickly benefit from the State's economic prosperity. Matthewson also says he's cautious about lowering taxes until they know exactly what cuts will come out of Congress. Senate Republican leader Franc Flotron says the tax cut looks like a lot of spin-doctoring.

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Contents: [39K WAV file - The Senate GOP leader says the governor's tax cut just shifts the tax burden.]
Flotron said he's all for reducing taxes, but he wants to look at other options--such as repealling the original tax hike--before supporting Carnahan's proposal.

Karen Fogg, at the State Capitol.

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