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HMO Regulation Advances

February 27, 1997
By: Renee Basick
State Capital Bureau

Managed health care regulation took it's first step through Missouri's legislature.

Renee Basick has the details from the state capital.

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State senate and house comittees sent bills to the floor Thursday that will drastically change HMO policy if voted into law.

Representative Tim Harlan sponsored the house bill.

He says the bill will benefit consumers by making medical costs more affordable.

He expects opposition on the floor, yet remains optimistic due to strong bi-partisan support.

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Harlan says that the strongest feature of the bill is that it will allow patients to appeal medical bills through the department of insurance.

If you've ever been surprised by a hospital bill, state government may be trying to protect you. Renee Basick has the details from Jefferson City.

Legislative Comittees have sent bills to the floors of the House and Senate Thursday that aims at protecting the consumer when dealing with health care.

Senator Joe Maxwell sponsored the senate bill and says he thinks that it will become law this session.

He says the bill assures patients quality care and timely care.

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Maxwell says the senate bill is stronger than ever before.

It was sent to the floor unanimously by a bi-partisan committee.

Maxwell expects support to continue on the senate floor.

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