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Construction Associations want more funding

February 11, 1997
By: Missy Shelton
State Capital Bureau

Construction associations are calling for more funding for road repair.

Missy Shelton has the story from Jefferson City.

Story:Missy Shelton
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The Missouri Transportation Coalition says not enough revenue from the state gasoline tax is being spent on construction.

A study done by the group shows that only a small fraction of repairs planned by the Transportation Department are completed or underway.

The group's chairman is Rick Grebel.

Actuality:Rick Grebel
OutCue: " up to their motto."

Contents: [60K WAV file - The department's motto is "Progress as Promised." We just want them to live up to their motto.]

But the Transportation Department says many projects are still being planned.

It says money won't be spent until they reach the construction stage.

From Jefferson City, I'm Missy Shelton.

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