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Assisted suicide

March 3, 1997
By: Elizabeth J. Zack
State Capital Bureau
Should Missouri doctors have the right to assist in a suicide?

The House Committee on Critical Issues heard two initiatives that would limit or totally prohibit participation a suicide.

Liz Zack has the story from Jefferson City.

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Dr. Jack Kevorkian's name was mentioned more than once as an example of what Missouri does not want to happen within its boarders.

One committee bill required that state funds be prohibited from going to any service that might fund or support an assisted suicide.

Heather DeMian from the Missouri group "Not Dead Yet," testified that suicide is often subtly encouraged as a solution for people with severe disabilities.

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Contents: [221K WAV file - Managed Care professionals were encouraging disabled patients to sign "do not resuscitate" orders.]
No one was present to oppose either bill.

From The capitol, I'm Liz Zack.

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