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Restraunts oppose governor's tax cut plan

February 4, 1997
By: Elizabeth J. Zack
State Capital Bureau
Not everybody thinks that the governor's 3% sales tax cut on groceries is such a good idea.

LIz Zack has the story from Jefferson City.

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A 3% tax cut may save you money at the supermarket, but it might also give the supermarket an unfair advantage over restraunts.

Executive Director of the Missouri Restaurant Association Carl Degan testified in front of the Senate Ways and Means Committee today. He said that the proposed tax cut is discriminatory.

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Contents: A T-Bone steak shouldn't be tax free, while a working mom's prepared meal isn't

Degan also pointed out that in St. Louis restraunts are taxed 1 and a half percent more than grocery stores to begin with.

From the state capitol, I'm Liz Zack for KMOX news.

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