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Settlement of Desegregation Suit Proves Contentious

February 4, 1998
By: Caroline Noel
State Capital Bureau
Tempers flared at the Capitol Wednesday as legislators and educators debated whether to give city schools an extra $1,000 per child. Caroline Noel has that story in Jefferson City.

A string of Kansas City and St. Louis educators testified before a Senate Committee that they would support a settlement in the desegregation debate as long as they were guaranteed $1000 for each child enrolled in a city school.

At least one Senator says this is unfair. Morris Westfall questions why schools elsewhere in the state would not receive similar funding. He notes there is a gulf between rural and urban interests



Currently state funding for school children ranges from

$2,500 to $9,000 per year. Reporting from Jefferson City, this is Caroline Noel.

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