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A Consumer Protection Group Wants the State to Do More About ATM Fees

April 1, 1998
By: Missy Shelton
State Capital Bureau

A consumer protection group said most ATMs in Missouri require a surcharge from non-customers and they want that to stop.

Missy Shelton has more from Jefferson City.

Story:Missy Shelton
OutCue: SOC

A measure in the House would require ATMs to clearly inform customers of all charges they must pay to use that machine.

But Dave Rosenfeld with the Missouri Public Interest Research Group said this bill doesn't do enough.

Actuality:Dave Rosenfeld
Contents: [93K WAV file - Dave Rosenfeld] Dave Rosenfeld said it's a disclosure bill, making it more obvious to consumers what's already clear that banks are ripping off consumers. His group supports a full ban on the ATM surcharge.

Chuck Graham, a democrat from Columbia, said he supports the bill but wants a stop to banks charging non-customer ATM users twice.


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