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Bill Would Require Auto Inspections Every Two Years

April 28, 1998
By: Liz Cafer
State Capital Bureau

You could stop taking your car to your local gas station for a safety inspection under a proposal reviewed by Missouri's Senate Transportation Committee Tuesday. Liz Cafer has the story in Jefferson City.

The bill would reduce the frequency of auto inspections from every year to every two years. It already has passed the House and now is pending in the Senate Transportation Committee.

But the Senate committee heard testimony against the measure from Captain Gene Lacy, the director of the state's Motor Vehicle Inspection Program.


In a study that we conducted, it shows that in the nation, there is one out of every 56 fatality accidents has a vehicle defect as a cause of the factor. In the state of Missouri, that number is one out of approximately 95 fatality accidents..."

Lacy says changing the frequency of inspections could compromise that safety record.

In Jefferson City, I'm Liz Cafer for KMOX news.

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