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House Republican Agenda for Current Session

January 13, 1998
By: Tristin J. Yeager
State Capital Bureau

If State House Republicans get there way, Missouri voters will have even more elections to follow in the future. Tristin Yeager reports from the State Capitol.

The House Republican Caucus announced its agenda for the current legislative session. One surprising goal announced by Minority Floor Leader Delbert Scott was the intention to have Missouri voters elect future State Board of Education Members. Currently, board members are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate.

Senator Roseann Bentley, a Republican and former Board of Education Member, weighs the advantages and disadvantages.

OutCue: voter turnout might not be good
Contents: [187K WAV file - Sen. Bentley says that while voters usually enjoy having more control over schools, low voter turnout might prove to be a problem.]

Board of Education appointments are a part of the Missouri Constitution. If this proposal clears the legislature, voters would have a few more decisions to make at future elections.

The State House Republicans' idea to have voters elect State Board of Education Members has already attracted a negative response. Tristin Yeager reports from the state capitol.

The State House Republican Caucus announced that they want to put forth legislation that would enable voters to elect Board of Education Members. House Republican Leader Delbert Scott's says he believes teacher's organizations would be supportive of this legislation. He might be quite off the mark.

Bruce Moe, Communications Director for the Missouri State Teachers Association, says there is no need to change current policy.


Since the appointment of Board of Education Members is a part of the Missouri Constitution, any changes must be approved by Missouri voters. If the new policy is passed by the legislature, Missouri teachers would have the opportunity to make their opinion known.

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