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Danforth Says Get Courts Out of Desegregating Schools

January 29, 1998
By: Liz Cafer
State Capital Bureau

The court-appointed mediator in the St. Louis school desegregation case told Missouri lawmakers Wednesday the state has to put money on the table to get the court out of the school system. Liz Cafer has the story in Jefferson City.

That was the message William Danforth gave to the Senate Education Committee. But Republicans were critical of a bill that would provide alternatives to court-ordered desegregation. Senator Morris Westfall expressed concern about the proposal to bus St. Louis students to the school of their choice.


"The proposal is to continue the busing program at a cost of about $83 million a year. Why can't we spend that on quality education instead of gasoline and tires?"

$27 million dollars of that program would go toward the actual transportation of students. Senators also expressed concern about spending more money in a city that already spends almost twice the amount per pupil that than the state average. In Jefferson City, I'm Liz Cafer.

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