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A First for Missouri's First Lady

February 2, 1998
By: Jean'ette Carrigo
State Capital Bureau

After almost five years of her husband, Govenor Mel Carnahan, being in office, First Lady Jean Carnahan came before the House of Representatives for the first time to speak on behalf of the children in Missouri.

Jean'ette Carrigo has more from the capital.

Story:Jean'ette Carrigo
OutCue: SOC

First Lady Jean Carnahan expreesed her concern over the importance of a fifty-six million dollar day care program for the children of Missouri. She told House representatives that she can relate to the problems that young parents go through today.

Actuality: Jean Carnahan
OutCue: all parents today.

Contents: [127K WAV file - Jean Carnahan says her mother, she herself and now her married children all have had problems with daycare.]

Opponents stressed this program could create competition for day care centers. House representatives questioned whether or not the school systems are prepared to handle the care of new born babies.

From Jefferson City, I am Jean'ette Carrigo.

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