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House Passes Bill for Background Checks on Day-Care Providers

April 21, 1998
By: Liz Cafer
State Capital Bureau
The House approved a bill Tuesday that would allow parents to obtain criminal background checks on certain day-care providers. Liz Cafer has the story in Jefferson City.

The bill would allow parents to obtain more background information on dangerous day-care providers.

The sponsor, Representative Kate Hollingsworth, says that one family in Columbia may have been able to avoid the death of their newborn.

"The Linneman's may have been able to change their minds because they would have obtained some records that were not so favorable about the case provider."

The bill would allow parents and employers to obtain criminal background records on certain day-care providers over a toll-free number.

Hollingsworth says that since the bill includes religious-based day care providers, there were a few opponents that voted against it.

"Those were primarily because we were going to require childcare workers in license-exempt facilities to also go through the background checks, and that includes, of course, religious-based day care, and that was problematic."

The bill passed through the House and now heads to the Senate. In Jefferson City, I'm Liz Cafer for KMOX.

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