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Summer School for Flunkers

February 5, 1998
By: Tristin Yeager
State Capital Bureau

St. Louis Senator William Clay proposes St. Louis City students who flunk a grade must attend summer school. From Jefferson City, Tristin Yeager for KMOX news. The St. Louis Democratic Senator introduced an amendment to the latest desegregation bill in the Senate Education Committee. The amendment would require students who don't meet grade level standards to attend summer school. Clay says the school district is a mess.

Actuality: clay001.wav
RunTime: :18.274
OutCue: "...better student achievement."
Contents: Clay says the schools are failing the students and the community.

Clay says that for him, the cost of the programs is not an issue.

St. Louis Senator William Clay has proposed to replace the current St. Louis City School Board with one that would represent seven subdistricts of the city. Tristin Yeager reports from the state capitol.

Clay introduced an amendment to the Senate Education Committee that would establish a seven member board. Board members would reside in the subdistrict they represent but would be elected by all citizens of St. Louis City. Clay says the St. Louis school system is in need of reform.

RunTime: :14.784
OutCue: "...achievement scores getting worse."
Contents: Clay says student achievement scores are getting worse under the current school board's administration

The creation of a new school board is one part of the amendment Clay introduced.

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