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25 Million in School Transportation added to Senate Bill

March 31, 1998
By: Tristin Yeager
State Capital Bureau

Missouri schools would get 25 million dollars for school transportation under an amendment added to the Senate desegregation bill. Tristin Yeager reports from the state capitol.

If the bill is passed, the money would be guaranteed to all school districts even if a desegregation settlement is not reached.

Bill sponsor St. Louis County Senator Ted House introduced the amendment and defended it on the Senate floor.

RunTime: :14.230
OutCue: "...for my district."
Contents: House said the amendment is pretty critical and that it means busses and money for his district.

The Senate will skip their lunch Wednesday in an effort to finish discussion on the bill and bring it to a vote.

St. Louis county voters could stop city students from attending their schools under an amendment passed by the Senate Tuesday. Tristin Yeager reports from the state capitol.

The amendment was added to the Senate school desegregation bill and in four years, would require a vote on the voluntary transfer plan to determine if the county would continue educating St. Louis City students.

Republican St. Louis County Senator Betty Sims sponsored the amendment.

RunTime: :20.078
OutCue: "...voluntary transfer program."
Contents: Sims says it is important to pay attention to St. Louis County since so much time has been focused on St. Louis City. She says the amendment would allow St. Louis county districts to decided if they want to participate in the voluntary transfer program.

The Senate passed another amendment giving St. Louis City residents the right to vote on any city tax increase aimed at ending the desegregation court cases.

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