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Bill Requires Staying in School for Drivers License

February 3, 1998
By: Tristin Yeager
State Capital Bureau

St. Louis County Senator Anita Yeckel introduced a bill that would make behavior and staying in school a factor in whether minors can get a driver's license. Tristin Yeager reports from the state capitol.

The bill requires school officials to sign approval forms before a student can get a license. Students who are home-schooled will get parent approval. Minors can also go through an appeals process if they are not in school and meet certain criteria.

Dr. Jim Sandfort is superintendant of St. Louis Lindbergh School District.

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OutCue: "...wants students to be in school."

If this bill is passed, parents will have the final say. Parents will have to sign a permission form in order for their child to get a liscense.

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