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Carnahan Against Senate's Desegregation Bill

February 17, 1998
By: Tristin Yeager
State Capital Bureau

Missouri's governor is criticizing the school desegregation plan stalled in the Senate Education Committee. Tristin Yeager reports from the state capitol:

Carnahan was criticized last week by the Senate Education Committee chairman for not pushing hard enough for the bill.

The governor says he supports the desegregation issue, but says the Senate desegregation bill costs too much.

Actuality: carn1.wav
RunTime: :16.619
OutCue: "...because we can't afford it."
Contents: [183K WAV file - Gov. Mel Carnahan says he does not support the Joint Committee on Desegregation proposal because it is too expensive].

But the bill's sponsor says the bill would still be less than what the federal court now forces the state to pump into the city schools.

The Governor says he is working with the committee to find a compromise and develop a bill he can fully support.

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