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Republican opposition stalls a health insurance bill for children.

April 30, 1998
By: Melissa Phillips
State Capital Bureau
Republican stall tactics successfully blocked a House vote for the second day in a row on a bill that would provide health coverage to uninsured children.

Melissa Phillips has the story from the State Capitol.

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A Republican filibuster has effectively put a measure on hold that would begin providing health insurance through Medicaid to the estimated 175-thousand Missouri children without coverage.

Under the proposal, A family of three with a household income of nearly 40-thousand would be eligible.

Republican David Levin says Medicaid should not be available to families that are well above the poverty level.

Actuality:Representative David Levin
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OutCue: ...the Medicaid system."
Contents: "Make no mistake that people will shoot craps, and they will drop their kids health insurance for six months to get this proposed free system. Make no mistake that employers will make sure that their employees go to the Medicaid system."
Levin says he would favor a system that takes care of the poor and enables those with money to purchase their own health insurance.

From Jefferson City, this is Melissa Phillips reporting for K-M-O-X News.

Date:April 30, 1998

By: Melissa Phillips

State Capital Bureau A bill in the Missouri legislature that would help middle class families afford health insurance for their children has run into a Republican roadblock.

Melissa Phillips has more from Jefferson City.

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Republican legislators have effectively stalled a vote on a program that would extend Medicaid health insurance coverage to children in families with incomes up to 300-percent of the federal poverty level.

This means a family of four with a yearly income of 49-thousand dollars would be eligible.

Republican Don Logrosso says he's made less than that and has still managed to pay for his children's health insurance.

Actuality:Representative Don Logrosso
RunTime: 10
OutCue: make choices."
Contents: "But its because we make choices in our families. We don't go out and buy new cars that we have to make high car payments on. The fact of the matter is that people do have to make choices."

Lograsso says this bill makes Medicaid available to rich people.

From Jefferson City, this is Melissa Phillips reporting for K-M-O-X News.

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