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Bill to Repeal Helmet Requirement Meets Opposition

April 28, 1998
By: Liz Cafer
State Capital Bureau
A House bill that would repeal the helmet requirement for motorcyclists came before the Senate Transportation Committee Tuesday. Liz Cafer has more in Jefferson City.

The House has already approved a bill that would allow motorcyclists 21 and over to go without helmets.

But when the bill was sent to the Senate Transportation Committee, they heard testimony against that measure from Captain Gene Lacy, the director of the state's Motor Vehicle Inspection Program.


I can just think back to the number of motorcycle accidents that I worked in which resulted in a fatality and we're talking about people wearing helmets. Just think of what it would be if we don't have a helmet, a simple motorcycle spill could now end up into a serious head injury."

Lacy said insurance rates could go up for everyone if more severe accidents occur.

The committee took no immediate action on the bill.

In Jefferson City, I'm Liz Cafer for KMOX news.

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