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House Amendment Would Penalize Contractors Using Illegal Labor

April 28, 1998
By: Caroline Noel
State Capital Bureau
A House amendment would crack down on Missouri construction companies that hire illegal aliens. Caroline Noel reports from the Capital.

The amendment's sponsor, St. Louis County Representative Tim Green, says he knows of least three recent instances where contractors working on state-funded highway projects were caught employing illegal immigrants. By not paying illegal workers the same benefits and wages as legal workers, these companies were able to underbid their competitors and receive lucrative construction contracts.

Actuality:"The contractor who wants to abide by the law is being discriminated against and that's not right."
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Green's amendment would fine contractors who aren't playing by the rules 20% of the state contract. Companies that run afoul would not be allowed to bid for future state contracts for two years. From the Capital this is Caroline Noel.

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