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Louis Ford, St. Louis City Democratic Representative Announces his Opposition to the Desegregation Bill

April 29, 1998
By: Adrienne Huth
State Capital Bureau

St. Louis City Democratic Representive Louis Ford announced today (Wednesday) his opposition to a bill before the state legislature to settle the St. Louis School desegregation case. Adrienne Huth has more from Jefferson City.

Ford says he's opposed to the bill because it would require the city to raise either it's sales tax or property tax for school funding.

Ford says if the state can spend $150 million on a new prison, the state can spend that amount on city schools.

Contents: "Because it's going to create a burden on our seniors that property owners in the City of St. Louis and this is to support Kansas City School Districts."

The bill Ford opposes has passed the Senate and now is awaiting action in the House.

Reporting from the capital, I'm Adrienne Huth.

A prominent black lawmaker from St. Louis has announced his opposition to legislation designed to bring an end to the St. Louis school desegregation case. Adrienne Huth has the story from Jefferson City.

St. Louis City Represenative Louis Ford says he opposes the measure because proposed local school tax increases that would be required under the bill.

He says that would be an unfair burden to city taxpayers, especially senior citizens, who are on a fixed income.

Contents: "Why should we put all the responsibility on the citizens of St. Louis ?"

The tax revenue would go to improving and rehabilitating city schools.

The school desegregation bill has passed the Senate and is awaiting action by the House.

Reporting from the capital, I'm Adrienne Huth.

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