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Desegregation Bill Needs Changes to Satisfy NAACP Lawyer

April 14, 1998
By: Liz Cafer
State Capital Bureau
The Senate bill meant to settle the desegregation issue in St. Louis went to the House Education Committee Tuesday. But the attorney for the NAACP has a few problems with the bill. Liz Cafer has more in Jefferson City.

Attorney Bill Taylor has been representing the NAACP in the St. Louis desegregation case since 1980, so he says he's ready to settle.

A desegregation bill that passed through the Senate could be his ticket.

But Taylor says he wants the House to change the bill because it has some barriers to settlement.

One of his concerns is the continuation of the voluntary transfer program.

Under the Senate's bill, the voters would decide in a few years whether or not they want to continue the program.

But Taylor says the issue shouldn't be treated differently than other school programs, which are usually decided by the school board.

Contents: "To single out this kinds of program, which has racial overtones, I think is very troubling."

The House Education Committee continues to debate the issue. In Jefferson City, I'm Liz Cafer for KMOX.

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