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Legislators debate over constitutionality of certain tax breaks.

January 28, 1998
By: Jean'ette Carrigo
State Capital Bureau

Catholic lawmakers are renewing their push to give tax breaks to parents who send their kids to private or parochical schools. Jean'ette Carrigo from the state capital has more information.

Story:Jean'ette Carrigo
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Last year, Missouri's governor threatened to veto this kind of bill -- arguing it violated the constiuttional requirement for separation of church and state.

But bill sponsor John Schneider told the Senate Ways and Means Committee he disagrees:

Actuality:Senator Schneider
OutCue: it becomes unconstitutional.
Contents: Why do people say, "That oh, of course it is constitutional to give money to the church for religious purpose, but to give money to a church to operate a school is, somehow, it becomes unconstitutional."

But Opponents told the committee that the state should not give tax cuts to people who choose to send their children to schools based on their religious preference.

Jean'ette Carrigo from the Capital in Jefferson City.

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