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The House Wants Tattoo Parlors to be Licensed

April 16, 1998
By: Caroline Noel
State Capital Bureau
Tattoo parlors will now have to undergo the same licensing requirements as barber shops or beauty salons, under a bill approved by the House. Caroline Noel reports from Jefferson City.

In addition to the licensing requirement, St. Charles County Representative Don Kissell's bill forbids minors from getting tattoos or body pierces without written parental consent. Tattoo parlors must also refuse service to those who appear intoxicated or under the influence of controlled substances.

While most tattoo parlors already adhere to these procedures, Kissell believes it's necessary to make it a permanent law.


The Misouri Department of Economic Development would

oversee the licensing process, which would cost tattoo parlors approximately $75. Kissell's bill now heads to the Senate for debate. From the Capital, this is Caroline Noel.

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