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Debate Continues in Senate Over Tax Cuts

April 15, 1998
By: Beth Bentley
State Capital Bureau

Extended debate by the senate blocked a vote on the major tax cut bill of the session....

Beth Bentley has the story from the state capitol.

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State lawmakers spent nearly six hours debating tax deductions..... and left without voting on the bill.

The main issue of contention was whether parent's whose children attend private high schools should be given a tax break.

Democratic Senators Joe Maxwell and Ken Jacob both oppose the idea and offered several ammendments which were defeated.

But, Maxwell says for him the deabte is not over.

Contents: [67K WAV file - Senator Joe Maxwell] I will continue to fight to make sure we know what we know what we're doing and out citizens are eduacated about what this ammendment really does.

Lawmakers have only four weeks left in the legislative session and must pass a tax cut bill.

Reporting from the state capitol, I'm Beth Bentley.

There are only four weeks left in the legislation session.. and the Senate spends yet another day debating tax cuts.

The heart of the debate deals with part of the bill that would give private school parent's a tax deduction.

Ammendments and substitute ammendments were offered and some argue the debate is becoming a filabuster...

But, Bill sponsor Senator Harry Wiggins says he's not frustrated with the delay.

Contents: [102K WAV file - Senator Harry Wiggins] "if you let the legislative process frustrate you someone like myself couldn't have been here for 24 years and been sane tonight."

Wiggins says he expects the Senate to vote tomorrow.

Reporting from the state capitol, i'm Beth Bentley

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