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Low-Income Workers Protected Under Welfare-to-Work Bill

April 7, 1998
By: liz cafer
State Capital Bureau
A bill discussed in the House Tuesday would prevent welfare-to-work participants from displacing current employees. Liz Cafer has more in Jefferson City.

The bill would require employers who participate in work programs to create new positions for welfare-to-work participants.

That's to insure that jobs aren't taken away from regular employees.

The sponsor of the bill, Representative Charles Troupe:

"The bill was initially designed to protect the low-income workers, to not allow them to be displaced by unpaid welfare workers."

But the bill would also provide more benefits for welfare-to-work participants.

They would receive the same leave time as regular employees and other benefits such as workers' compensation.

Opponents of the bill say that inexperienced workers shouldn't receive the same benefits as experienced employees. The debate continues at the capitol. In Jefferson City, I'm Liz Cafer for KMOX.

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