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Third-graders, Carnahan bring Christmas to a tree

December 3, 1998
By: Lee McGuire
State Capital Bureau

A holiday tradition today/Thursday in the state capitol building, as Governor Carnahan helped some third graders decorate the Capitol Christmas Tree. Lee McGuire spent some time with the kids out in Jefferson City.

The third-graders from Maries County Elementary School in Vienna were proud of the ornaments they'd made, and happy to see the governor, but something--something about the tree--wasn't quite right.

RunTime: 11
Contents: They wanted to go get the bigger tree out front.

After some rough deliberations the kids decided the only person who might let them go outside and cut that bigger tree down was the Governor himself.

RunTime: 15
Contents: The governor says the tree should stay.

Next year, maybe things will be different. In Jefferson City, Lee McGuire, KMOX News.

A group of third-graders from Vienna Missouri visited Governor Carnahan today, to help decorate the capitol Christmas tree. But Lee McGuire found out the kids had some other ideas.

For the first ten minutes or so the third graders battled for space on the tree and hung up the ornaments they'd made.

But very soon two hundred construction-paper stockings and glitter-laden pine cones cluttered the bottom third of that tree. Which was about when a few kids decided this Christmas tree was just not big enough.

RunTime: 4
Contents: One wanted a 42-foot tree.

The kids understood that a tree that size would pose serious logistical problems. But they had a solution.

RunTime: 6
Contents: They say the governor could hoist himself to add the star.

We asked Governor Carnahan whether a 42-foot Christmas tree might be appropriate for the Capitol building next year. He says probably not. In Jefferson City, Lee McGuire, KMOX News.

Governor Carnahan and about fifty third-graders decorated the capitol Christmas tree today/Thursday. Lee McGuire reports from Jefferson City.

The kids from Vienna Missouri listened quietly as the governor welcomed the holiday season.

RunTime: 8
Contents: Carnahan says everyone is happier this time of year.

The third-graders hung hand-made ornaments on the capitol Christmas tree, but a few thought the tree was too small. They said they preferred one tree in particular--one they saw growing outside the capitol building. So they asked Governor Carnahan for permission to go get it.

RunTime: 15
Contents: Governor Carnahan says they shouldn't do that.

In Jefferson City, Lee McGuire, KMOX News.

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