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October 16 Campaign Finance Disclosure Reports
The Major Missouri Statewide Candidates

OfficeParty Candidate Received So Far Spent So Far Cash on Hand *
Governor DemBob Holden$8,156,462$6,160,129$2,175,399
GOPJim Talent$6,868,095$4,880,322$2,402,241
Lieutenant Governor DemJoe Maxwell$1,157,945$1,112,659$106,245
GOPWendell Bailey$155,897$81,362$66,290
Secretary of State DemSteve Gaw$939,035$317,265$621,770
GOPMatt Blunt$1,145,315$1,003,290$183,974
State Treasurer DemNancy Farmer$467,625$370,067$98,758
GOPTodd Graves$1,078,442$280,249$875,654
Attorney General DemJay Nixon$420,700$246,684$246,616
GOPSam Jones$130,858$94,020$15,870
Major Candidates Statewide Total $20,520,374 $14,546,047 $6,792,817

* Note:

  • Also see the October 30, 2000 campaign finance reports.
  • For some of the candidates, the amount of cash they reported still on hand exceeded the reported contributions for the race less the reported expenditures for the race.
  • The figures include both the primary and general election funds.

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