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NewsBook: Missouri Government News for the Week of September 1, 2003


. Missouri lawmakers will face Wednesday one of the longest lists of vetoed bills in recent memory. (09/05/03)

JEFFERSON CITY - On Wednesday, Missouri lawmakers will have the opportunity to begin consideration of 26 non-budget bills the governor vetoed last spring.

Gov. Bob Holden's vetoes amount to the largest number of vetoes by a governor in more than 40 years and cover some of the most controversial issues in Missouri including abortion and guns.

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    . State Chamber Wants to Prevent Governor's Tax Plan (09/04/03)

    JEFFERSON CITY - The State Chamber of Commerce is drawing up new corporate income tax guidelines for next week's special legislative session. Chamber officials feel the measure is necessary due to the latest tax plan coming from Governor Holden's office. The governor's plan aims to prevent state companies from using accounting loopholes to avoid paying corporate income taxes. The governor plans to use the money earned for the state's education.

    . Republicans criticize elimination of corporate tax breaks (09/03/03)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Republicans today condemned Gov. Bob Holden's proposal to eliminate tax loopholes to earn revenue for public schools. Republicans said he is using education for political ends.

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    . Kinder Comments about Lieutenant Governor Opponents (9/03/03)

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    . Two top Democrats jump into the race for lieutenant governor (09/03/03)

    JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Senate's former Democratic leader and the state's former secretary of state both announced that they plan on seeking the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor.

    The announcement of Sen. Ken Jacob and Bekki Cook came after Lt. Gov. Joe Maxwell announced he would not seek re-election because of his wife's medical condititon.

    The leading Republican candidate for the job is the Senate's president pro tem, Peter Kinder.

    . Missouri's governor calls lawmakers back for another special session on taxes. (09/03/03)

    JEFFERSON CITY - Bob Holden announced Wednesday that the session would begin the following Monday -- just two days before lawmakers were to return for a veto session to consider bills vetoed by the governor.

    Holden is presenting a much smaller tax-increase package than the packages he presented to lawmakers at the regular session in January at at the first special session he called in the early summer.

    His latest package would repeal just four relatively small tax breaks -- small enough that it would not trigger the state constitutional requirement for voter approval.

    . Legislators look at revamping Foundation Formula (09/02/03)

    JEFFERSON CITY - A newly formed education committee met Wednesday to tackle Missouri's controversial education funding system.

    The committee's chairman said that replacing the property tax for local school funding was one of the issues before the committee.

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    . Less than half of Missouri Schools meet student test goals (09/03/03)

    JEFFERSON CITY - New data released by the state today shows that just less than 50 percent of school districts made enough improvement in their student's test scores to meet the standards of the No Child Left Behind Act.

    The standards require students from every racial and economic group to meet the state's proficency goals, and state education officials say that it's this requirment that contributed to the poor numbers.

    Statewide, 29.8 percent of students tested as proficient or advanced in reading, writing, and comprehension, and 9.3 percent of students tested as proficient or advanced in math.

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