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What the legislature passed:

May 16, 2003
By: Valerie C. Green
State Capital Bureau

JEFFERSON CITY - The General Assembly sent more than 25 bills to the governor during the last day of session Friday. The bills, in order of their passage will:

n reduce punishment for non-violent offenders to reduce the number of inmates and save the state about $ 8 million

n give tax breaks to Ford to intice the company to keep it's plant open outside of St. Louis

n require an over-the-counter ingedient used in making meth to be stored behind the cash register to prevent theft

n require all spam e-mail to be labeled by the sender as an advertisment

n revamp the state's foster care system

n earmark tobacco settlement funds for life science research

n require highway access change in determining loss payment for eminent domain action by the Highways Commission

n establish a forumla for allocating state funds to colleges and universities

n allow school districts to transfer money from capital projects to other funds

n put new administrative law judges under the state retirement system

n create a grant program for methamphetamine enforcement by local law enforcement agencies

n take interest from special funds and add it to the state's general revenue

n cap lawsuit awards for victims of malpractice

n let new generation tax credits for agri-businesses be taken on a quarterly rather than annual basis

n require governor-elects to report who donates money to their inaugural events and parties

n increase gaming funds that go to a college guarantee fund and a veterans commission capital improvement fund

n grant a sales tax holiday in August 2004 on clothing sales under $100

n creat a state Amber Alert system for missing childen

n let non-charter counties adopted ordinances on governmental matters not prohibited by the law or constitution