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2008 Campaign Contributions

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This page searches data from the latest comprehensive digital finance report filed by a candidate with the Missouri Elections Commission. The figures represent the aggregate amount an individual or organization as contributed to a campaign (general election or primary) by the time of the report. The GOP candidate for Secretary of State, however, has failed to included the reported contributions into the aggrigate amount.

These figures do NOT include subsequent, separate reports that a candidate is required to file within 48 hours after receiving a contribution in excess of $5,000. To view those reports, go to the Missouri Ethics Commission campaign finance reports page.

Contributions cover both actual money given to a candidate as well as what are called in-kind contributions. Those are non-monetary contributions (such as food, use of an automobile, etc.). The amount reported for an in-kind contribution is supposed to represent the fair market value of the service or resource provided.

Also note that the contributor disclosure list does not represent the total amount of money received by a campaign. Although all contributions by a political committee must be disclosed, only a contribution by an individual that is greater than $100 must be reported.

For some campaigns, a majority of the finances can come from contributions small enough as to not require contributor disclosure.

Also, the contribution list this page searches does NOT include loans.

If a negative figure appears, that usually represents a refund by the campaign to a contributor.

The search is case sensitive.

Finally, a maximum of only 200 records will be displayed. If you get a warning that the maximum number of items has been reached, try restricting your search. Contributors are displayed in the order of the size of the contribution, with the largest first.

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