Election leaders are poised for the polls record setting year.
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Election leaders are poised for the polls record setting year.

Date: September 23, 2008
By: Jon Cecero
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: The St. Charles County Director of Elections said he is prepared for all aspects of this years election. RunTime:0:42
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St. Charles County Director of Elections Rich Chrismer said Missouri is prepared for a record number of voters this year.
Chrismer understands the impact overseas voters have and said the way Missouri votes can often predict the outcome of an election.

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Description: "So it is a pretty important State and St. Charles county is a pretty good size microcosm of the entire state....." 

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan leads the way for Missouri state election officials. She employed 7000 more poll workers to help account for all the absentee ballots sent in.
Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Jon Cecero.
Intro: Communications Director for the Secretary of State's office said the state is employing thousands of poll workers to make sure every vote counts.

Jon Cecero (SIS-ARO) has more from Jefferson City.

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Missouri needs to employ more than 27,000 poll workers to keep up with the record number of voters.

Secretary of State Carnahan's Communication Director Laura Egerdal said with over four million voters it is even more difficult for Missourians to vote overseas.

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Description:"The exact we're at 400,350,852 'thats incredible', it is incredible we're up 200,000 since the beginning of the year"
Egerdal said if the voters do not register in time they will not be counted.
She went on to say it is important for overseas Missouri voters to understand their voting options.
Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Jon Cecero.

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