Missouri Election Committee Member says absentee voting should last longer
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Missouri Election Committee Member says absentee voting should last longer

Date: October 30, 2008
By: Jack Cunningham
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: Jefferson City Representative Deeken says Missourians should not lie to vote.

Jack Cunningham has more from the State Capitol. 

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Missourians can't vote before election night without a valid excuse.

Jefferson City Republican Representative Bill Deeken says he disagrees.

Deeken says he wants a no-excuse absentee ballot available 6 weeks before election night.

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Description: I've had it happen in the 12 years I was county clerk, that I would ask somebody that, and they would look at me with that kind of lost look in their eyes and say, "Oh yeah, I'm going to be out of town."  They're lying to me, and why should we make people lie?
A Secretary of State spokesperson said early voting adds convenience, takes stress off election officials and encourages participation.
Reporting from Jefferson City, I'm Jack Cunningham.
Intro: Missouri Secretary of State spokesperson says early voting would save election night stress.

Jack Cunningham has more to report from the State Capitol.

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Missourians will wait in long lines on Tuesday because Missouri is one of 19 states without Early Voting.

Communications Director for Secretary Carnahan, Ryan Hobart says Early voting would shorten lines at the polls and encourage voter particpation.

Hobart says Carnahan prefers early voting to the absentee ballot, which requires an excuse.

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Description: The early voting system, that Secretary Carnahan would like to see in place, would do away with that requirement for an excuse.  People could come in and vote early at their convenience.
A State Election Committee Representative said he does not like early voting because transferring ballots leads to mix-ups.
Reporting from Jefferson City, I'm Jack Cunningham.

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