A break-in Thursday has led Republican's to tightened security.
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A break-in Thursday has led Republican's to tightened security.

Date: October 2, 2008
By: Brenda Martens
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: A break-in at a McCain campaign phone bank in Independence, Missouri is causing Republicans to be suspicious.

Brenda Martens has more from the State Capitol.

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Republican spokesperson Tina Hervey says the perpetrator stole one computer from a staffer's desk, passing up more expensive computers on the way.

Hervey said she believes the robbery was politically driven.  

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Description: We are definitely not pointing the finger at anyone or blaming anyone, just for us, the items, or the item, that was stolen makes us believe it wasn't a random act of criminals stumbling upon a computer, it seems more targeted.

According to Hervey, the stolen computer held strategic campaigning information, but it's not anything that will bring down the McCain campaign.

Democratic spokesperson Jack Cardetti said this was the first he had heard of the robbery and how he hopes police catch the thief.

From Jefferson City, I'm Brenda Martens. 


Intro: Some Republicans and Democrats are concerned after a break-in at a McCain campaign phone bank in Independence Missouri Wednesday.   RunTime:0:45
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Missouri Democratic spokesperson Jack Cardetti knew nothing of the break-in until late Thursday afternoon but says it is an extremely unfortunate situation.

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Description: This is clearly a crime that has been committed here and we hope law enforcement finds the people responsible. You know, we, right now, have more than 40 offices around the state and it is a big chore to run all those offices and make sure that the people inside are safe.

One laptop holding campaign strategies for the Kansas City area was stolen during the robbery, but more than 20 other computers were left behind.

Missouri Republican spokesperson Tina Hervey says she believes the break-in was politically motivated but didn't want to point fingers.

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Brenda Martens.


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