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Charter schools

Date: October 28, 2008
By: Rachel Glaser
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: The effects of charter schools in Missouri are discussed as both presidential candidates hope to expand the schools throughout the country.

Rachel Glaser (GLAZ-R) has more from Jefferson City 

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Charter schools are available in Kansas City and St. Louis. The schools receive state funding, require no tuition, and can be attended by anyone. The schools are public, but are freed from some of the rules and regulations of district schools.

Charter schools offer alternatives to district schools. Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's director of charter schools Jocelyn Strand says charter schools give parents and students the option to find a school to best fit their needs.

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Description: I think that they provide a good educational option for parents. That it's a positive thing. A good educational alternative to what exists within their district.

Strand also acknowledges that charter schools are causing a decrease in enrollment for district schools which decreases the schools' funding.

Executive director of communication for the St. Louis public school district Patrick Wallace says the schools are impacted by the loss of students and funding.

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Description: When students leave our system, and the money that supports them being in our system leaves it effects all the students left behind in our system.

Wallace also says that the sense of losing students that they once called their own negatively effects the district and students.

Executive Director of the Missouri Charter Public School Association Aaron North says the effects district schools are feeling is worth the benefits charter schools provide.

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Description: The effect they have on district schools is secondary to the effect they have on students and families. The primary objective is to again, allow students and families to find the school that is the best fit for their child, where they will be most likely to succeed.
North calls charter schools the next great reform in public education, a bridge into the 21st century in order to serve all students.

Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain agree that the expansion of charter schools will increase competition between the public schools. The idea is that the schools will continue to improve themselves while competing for students.     

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Rachel Glaser.
Intro: Missouri's public schools are expected to increase the number of charter schools throughout the state with the election of either presidential candidate.

Rachel Glaser (GLAZ-R) has more from Jefferson City. 

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Charter schools offer alternatives to parents and students.Schools are public, state funded, but are free from the same regulations as district schools. 

There are 28 charter schools in Kansas City and St. Louis. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's director of charter schools Jocelyn Strand expects more.  

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Description: I expect that we will see probably some additional schools in both Kansas City and St. Louis as well as the potential for a broader sponsorship pool.

Strand says she is interested to see what district schools will do to keep up with the charter schools.

Spokesman for St. Louis public schools Patrick Wallace says public schools are working to compete.  

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Description: Improve our academic offerings to students and the attract-ability of our schools and our system to students. So that, we know they have a choice so when they make that choice they'll choose our schools.

The competition between the public schools is meant to continue improvement among all the schools.

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Rachel Glaser. 

Intro: Public schools compete for enrollment and funding with the growth of charter schools throughout the state. 

Rachel Glaser (GLAZ-R) has more from Jefferson City. 

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The number of charter schools are expected to grow with the election of either presidential candidate. 

Charter schools allow parents to choose a school that best fits their student's needs. The schools are state funded, available to all students, free of the some of the rules of district schools.


Missouri education committee member Rick Stream thinks competition will advance the school system.

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Description: But I think the competition is sometimes a good thing in any endeavor. I think it could be in schooling too. As long as charter schools are quality schools that are doing their job.
Chair of the education committee Jane Cunningham says the addition of charter schools will benefit education in Missouri.

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Description: I think they make them better, because of the competition. It works just like any other industry in American.

Barack Obama and John McCain agree that the competition among the public schools will lead to improvement in the public school system. 

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Rachel Glaser.

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