UM Student Representative calls for a voting member in the Board of Curators
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UM Student Representative calls for a voting member in the Board of Curators

Date: February 13, 2008
By: Max Hyman
State Capitol Bureau
Links: SB 873

Intro: The UM System Student Representative urges legislators at a Senate Committee Hearing to create the position for a voting student member.

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Tony Luetkemeyer, the student representative to the UM Board of Curators, said students need to have their input heard by the governing body of the state's universities.

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Description: It gives the students an opportunity to voice their concerns and it alleviates the need of having to go through that political fight whenever Missouri eventually loses its ninth Congressional Seat.


The bill is sponsored by Columbia Democratic Senator Chuck Graham. It is the second year in a row that he has sponsored legislation attempting to create a student curator.

There has been a student representative to the board of curators for a long time but that representative has never had voting privileges.
Intro: Democratic Senator Chuck Graham sponsored a bill that would make the student representative to the Board of Curators a full voting member.

Max Hyman (HIGH-man) has more from Jefferson City.

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The Columbia Senator proposed a similar bill last year that was not passed into law.

Senator Graham made changes to this year's bill so that it only mentions the UM System but he said over time other state institutions could be included.

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Description: If a senator or legislator wants to put in their institution and there's agreement in their community they can add those as amendments.

The student representative is appointed by the governor to sit in on meetings of the board and offer the student perspective. The student representative has never had voting rights.

 Reporting from the state capitol, I'm Max Hyman, KMOX News.

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