Farmers safe for now, not for good
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Farmers safe for now, not for good

Date: October 7, 2008
By: Jack Cunningham
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: The Missouri Farm Bureau says farmers have eluded the credit crisis thus far, but need to take action to avoid future problems.

Jack Cunningham has more from the State Capitol.

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The economy hit some of the larger agriculture businesses, but individual farmers have stayed in the clear. Kelly Smith is the Marketing and Commodities Director for the Missouri Farm Bureau. Smith says farmers are harvesting now and they need to prepare for problems in the coming months.
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Description: "I think farmers need to be careful with who they do business with this fall as far as the store grain in commercial elevators.  They need to make sure those elevators are sound financially."

Missouri Farmers Union Executive Director remarked there is a lot of uncertainty among Missouri farmers.
Reporting from Jefferson City, I'm Jack Cunningham.
Intro: The Missouri Farmers Union says the credit market crisis leaves farmers uncertain about their future.

Jack Cunningham has more from the State Capitol.

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  Missouri Farmers are in the middle of their harvesting season, but they have more to worry about than usual. Missouri Farmers Union Executive Director Amy Meyers says farmers have a huge need for credit to fund their farm. Meyer says some rural banks avoided the economic crisis by keeping their business local, but not all of them.
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Description: I would encourage people to check into the ownership of their banks and that type of thing, because often it might not be necessarily the name. It might be owned by a larger company.

The Missouri Farm Bureau said farmers have to shop around for a bank to give them adequate credit with a cost effective interest rate.
Reporting from Jefferson City, I'm Jack Cunningham.

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