Lt. Gov Issues State of Emergency
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Lt. Gov Issues State of Emergency

Date: September 15, 2008
By: Max Hyman
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: Lieutenant Governor Kinder issues an executive order for flood response following heavy rain.

Max Reiss (Reece) has more from Jefferson City.

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The Missouri State Emergency Management Agency reports at least 3 people dead and thousands of homes without power following heavy rainstorms over the weekend.

The Lt. Governor issued the executive order for relief to affected areas early Monday afternoon.

SEMA Deputy Director Duane Nichols says the storms that hit Missouri the past few days were out of the ordinary.

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Description: It was a true tropical depression that came through the aftermath of a hurricane, Ike. And I guess we've had it all now, so, we just need a break.

The Missouri Department of Transportation also reported one hundred and eighteen road closures due to the floods.

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Max Reiss. 1120 KMOX News.

Intro: At least 3 people are dead and the thousands without power led to the Lieutenant Governor issuing an executive order for flood relief.

Max Reiss (Reece) has more from the Jefferson City. 

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The storms are the aftermath of Hurricane Ike heading north and Missouri got hit hard by strong winds and driving rain.

State Emergency Management Agency Deputy Director Duane Nichols says his agency is trying hard to address any needs in flood ravaged areas.

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Description: We've been responsive if there are requests for generators, or ice, or water or things of that nature. But right now we are experiencing flash flooding and it's going down now.

Lt. Governor Kinder issued the executive order early Tuesday afternoon. The order came from Kinder's desk because Governor Blunt is in Kosovo.

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Max Reiss. 1120 KMOX News.

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