Nixon addresses past rocky relationships between Attorney General and Governor
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Nixon addresses past rocky relationships between Attorney General and Governor

Date: September 11, 2008
By: Abby Grimmett
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: Attorney General Nixon says he hopes to renew relationships within the capitol as governor.

Abigail Grimmett (GRIMM-IT) has more from Columbia.

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Gubernatorial candidate Nixon is known for his conflicts with Governor Matt Blunt. Nixon prosecuted Blunt when he violated Missouri's Sunshine Law. Thursday, Nixon sang a different tune after the first gubernatorial debate. Nixon said in a press conference after the debate that he would work to establish better relationships with both Democrats and Republicans.
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Description: I think there are separate constitutional offices that are going to have their challenges at points but I look forward to working with the next Attorney General. I think I have a unique perspective as the longest serving attorney general about what those stresses and pressures are and I look forward to working with all elected officials.

Hulshof said he will also work for the credibilty and openness of the government. All of the gubernatorial candidates said if elected, they would continue investigating Blunt's violation of the Sunshine Law.
Reporting from the state capitol, I'm Abigail Grimmett.
Intro: Missouri's first Gubernatorial debate started with friendly intentions that quickly turned into verbal jabs by both sides. *Advisory:  Sound Bite is hot due to a faulty malt box. Every possible route was taken to retrieve a better bite, but this was the best that we could obtain.

Abigail Grimmett (GRIMM-IT) has more.  

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Attorney General Jay Nixon said he wanted to put off politics in Thursday's debate and focus on what was best for Missourians.

However, Nixon turned up the heat on Republican opponent Congressman Kenny Hulshof when he mentioned Hulshof's inconsistent stance on campaign contribution limits.

Hulshof retorted, saying he has confidence in the integrity of the government.


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Description: Under the Hulshof administration we're going to put all of our state's books out for you to see. And because ultimately you are the one paying the bills and you should be able to see how that money is being spent.

All candidates did agree to continue the investigation into Governor Blunt's Sunshine law violation and vowed to follow through with the lawsuit.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Abigail Grimmett.



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