Wild hogs are causing a ruckus throughout Missouri.
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Wild hogs are causing a ruckus throughout Missouri.

Date: October 28, 2008
By: Brenda Martens
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: If political robo-calls have you down, the U.S. Department of Agriculture gets more than ten calls a week about wild hogs in rural Missouri.

Brenda Martens has more from Jefferson City.

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Wild hogs cause environmental problems by contaminating water, infecting livestock with diseases, and making it difficult for other wild animals to find food.

Missouri Department of Conservation biologist Tom Meister says hogs are a problem and do commit harm.

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Description: We're having more and more reports of them, we're seeing more and more damage to conservation areas and  personal property, and so it's growing almost every day.
The Department of Conservation encourages hunters to kill any wild hogs they come across while hunting for other animals.
From the State Capitol, I'm Brenda Martens.
Intro: Missouri's wild hog population is on the rise and causes problems for farmers.

Brenda Martens has more from the State Capitol.

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The Missouri Department of Conservation says hunters should kill the hogs if they see them in the wilderness because they tear down fences, spread disease to livestock, and attack young sheep and goats.

According to USDA Wildlife Biologist Dan McMurtry the USDA receives about 10 calls a-week complaining about the hogs.

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Description: Well the big concerns are damage to pasture and other agriculture interests including corn and soybeans, but pasture is probably the big thing that hogs damage.

Southern Missouri is the area most affected by wild hogs.

The USDA encourages you to contact them if you encounter any problems with the wild swine.

Reporting from Jefferson City, I'm Brenda Martens.

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