Secretary of State is criticized for ACORN scandal
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Secretary of State is criticized for ACORN scandal

Date: October 10, 2008
By: Rachel Glaser
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan was unavailable as national news emerged about fraudulent voting in Missouri.  

Rachel Glaser (GLAZ-R) has more from Jefferson City.


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As the national media directed its attention to Missouri's ACORN voting scandal, Chief Election Official Robin Carnahan could not be reached for comment.

Republican Secretary of State candidate Mitch Hubbard says Carnahan should have been available today to assure voters their votes are not being disenfranchised.

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Description: Carnahan has done nothing to stop the problem and she has denied that there is a problem. I see that there is a grave problem, and I will take action to correct that.

Hubbard goes on to say that if voters think their votes do not matter, they will not vote.

Carnahan did release a statement saying she assures Missourians that elections are fair and her office is looking into any falsified voter information.

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Rachel Glaser



Intro:  The Secretary of State's Office works to resolve the confusion of the the  ACORN voting scandal in Kansas City.

Rachel Glaser (GLAZ-R) has more with this story from Jefferson City.  

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Jackson County Election Board reports it received hundreds of fraudulent voter registration cards from the Association of Community Organizations of Reform Now, or ACORN.

Deputy of Communications Director for Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, Ryan Hobart says registration cards undergo an extensive verification process to ensure elections are run fairly.    

Hobart goes on to say, this incident just shows that Missouri's verification process is working.
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Description: It is obvious that the process they have in place are catching these and when they do we inform them that they should turn them over to a local prosecutor or the U.S. attorney.

Carnahan could not be reached, but issued a statement saying, Missouri voters should feel confident and secure in Missouri's elections.

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Rachel Glaser.

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