Gov. Blunt is questioning Missouri's upcoming election process.
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Gov. Blunt is questioning Missouri's upcoming election process.

Date: October 24, 2008
By: Joshua Skurnik
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: With little more then one week left to go before election day, Gov. Blunt is expressing worry over the election process, but the Secretary of State's office says though they appreciate the concern Missouri is considered one of the top states in election preparedness.

Joshua Skurnik (SCUR-nic) has more from Jefferson City. 

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Governor Blunt's office issued a press release explaining how well he did things in his tenure as secretary of state.

He continued to say how instances of voter fraud continue to trouble him, and offered his assistance in ensuring a fair election in a letter sent to Secretary of State Robin Carnahan .

Director of Communications for the Secretary of State Laura Egerdal says Blunt's worries stem from the high interest in this election and Missouri's status as a swing state.

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Description: Attention means that the media and elected officials, voters, advocacy groups, are all taking a closer look at what local election authorities do on a daily basis to make sure the election in Missouri is secure.

Egerdal says the Secretary of state appreciates the offer, but notes that a report by a public policy and law institute named Missouri one of the top six states in election preparedness.

Reporting from the state capital, I'm Joshua Skurnik

Intro: With polls showing Missouri becoming a toss up state in the presidential election, Gov. Blunt's office fired off a press release questioning the integrity of the Missouri election process.

Joshua Skurnik (SCUR-nic) has more from Jefferson City. 

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Governor Matt Blunt issued a press release touting the job he did while secretary of state, and expressed his concern over the job Secretary of State Robin Carnahan is doing in this election.

He said he wants to make sure that the statewide voter roll the Secretary of state maintains is current and accurate.

Blunt offered in a direct letter to Carnahan his assistance in the election process.

The Secretary of State's office said they appreciate the concern, but that all instances of voter fraud have been dealt with accordingly.

Blunt's office refused to comment at this time.

Reporting from the State Capital, I'm Joshua Skurnik

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