Blunt considers Kinder's lame-duck session.
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Blunt considers Kinder's lame-duck session.

Date: October 29, 2008
By: Jon Cecero
State Capitol Bureau

Intro:  Governor Matt Blunt is considering the Lieutenant Governor's request for a special session on the Low Income Heating Assistance Program.

Jon Cecero (SIS-er-oh) has more from Jefferson City.

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In a statement released by his office Matt Blunt said he will speak with House and Senate leaders to decide whether or not to discuss the special session proposed by Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder.

President Pro Tem Mike Gibbons said Kinder's session is a legitimate issue and is not a political ploy.

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Description:  "I think what the purpose here is to try to instead of having to wait until the winter season is over to try to get it done sooner which certainly makes sense."

Democratic Representative Paul LeVota said the program is a political ploy designed to help Kinder's election.
Blunt said he will consider Kinder's request following next week's election.
Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Jon Cecero.
Intro: Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder's special session is being called a ploy by some political leaders.

Jon Cecero (SIS-er-oh) has more from Jefferson City.

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House Minority Leader Paul LeVota called Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder's request for a special session a stunt.

The governor is considering a special session to address the Low Income Heating Assistance Program.

LeVota said since Kinder's election is not going his way he wanted this session arranged.

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Description: " I would say that Governor Blunt and Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, had an opportunity to do the right thing when they had been in office for the last four years, and they didn't. Now they want to cost tax payers 100,000 dollars a day on work they should have already done."

Senate President Pro Tem Mike Gibbons said the program is an important issue that needs to be addressed before the winter months.

The governor said he would consider the session after Tuesday's election. 

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Jon Cecero.

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