Missouri Gains Jobs
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Missouri Gains Jobs

Date: November 20, 2008
By: Abby Grimmett
State Capitol Bureau

Intro: New jobs are being created throughout Missouri; however, unemployment rates are still relatively high.

Abigail Grimmett (GRIMM-it) has more from Jefferson City.

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According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Missouri created more than 5000 jobs in October alone. St. Louis was among six cities seeing employment increases, pulling in 400 new jobs. Other metropolitan areas seeing job increases included Columbia, Jefferson City, and Kansas City. Missouri is currently ranked 35th in the nation based on its unemployment rate. Since January of 2005, Missourians have created over 80,000 jobs. However, according to the Bureau, there are almost 200,000 Missourians without jobs. The Bureau and the Governor's office were unavailable for comment.  Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Abigail Grimmett.

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